Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tropical Theme Day

This is Nursing Home Week and today the theme was tropical/Caribbean,
so I was asked to do a project related to that. 
When I arrived, there was a steel band playing in the Garden Room 
and the staff were all wearing bright colored outfits! 
I met with my group up on their floor, which by comparison, 
was rather quiet.
I showed them lots of images of tropical fish 
and we talked about their varying shapes and how they move.

I've found that most of them need outlines of shapes to get them going. 
Otherwise they get lost and are frustrated. 

This woman made fun of her ability as an "artist" 
and was clearly uncomfortable about doing this. 
She brightened though, when she added the red tail! 

Josephine just got quietly busy.
I told her I imagined she always did her homework 
when she was in high school.
She said, "Of Course I did! And always on time too!" 

I knew I didn't need to draw any shapes for Lorraine,
the former watercolorist.
Her soft and lovely brushstrokes come so naturally to her.
She gets so much enjoyment out of doing this, it just makes my day. 

 I am blessed to have the most wonderful assistant
and fellow volunteer, Judy Schroeter. 
A resident from Independent Living,
she adds so much to this whole experience. 
Her warm and gentle way of helping these woman is amazing. 
I love that I have someone to share my ideas and thoughts with! 
Thank you so much Judy!  
We've both come to realize that 
what we do with these folks isn't important.
It's just spending the time with them that matters.