Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paul Klee Project

While googling work by Paul Klee, I ran across a great blog 
filled with projects for kids related to well known artists. 

I copied this image to show the group 

by Paul Klee

Then had them fill in the shapes. 
 They got busy right away and seemed \
happy just to be there.
It wasn't long before the brush was going in to that coffee! 

 This gal is so earnest and works very hard!

Barbara loves to use "dots" 

This woman is almost completely blind,
yet she enjoyed blending these colors on top of each other. 

Again, I worry that having them color in shapes may be a bit 
childish and demeaning to them, 
but I'm not sure what else I can have them do. 
At least they get to learn about work by well known artists.
And they seem happy.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crazy Quilt Project

I took the Kandinsky circle pieces the group did last week 
and put them together to make this fun mural. 
The patients got a big kick out of this.  

Then Judith came up with the idea of having them make a "quilt".
I got this Crazy Quilt pattern off the internet to show them. 

then drew these random lines for them to color in. 

Put together, 
we made this happy little 
"Crazy Quilt!" 

I think the patients enjoyed being a part of a 
"group project". 

Note: I've been trying to find paper that is a little thicker than copy paper, 
that can hold up to the paint and still go through my printer. 
The gal at Office Max gave me Card Stock.
It is thicker and does go through the printer,
but it sucks up the paint and "pills".
They couldn't get any good color on there!