Friday, December 21, 2012

An Amazing Sighting!

My husband and I like to go to a local restaurant,
PJ's Country House  
on Thursday nights to hear 
Wilson and John Brown -The Brother's Duo. 
They are such great guys and it can be so much fun. 
Very audience interactive. Average age: 73 
Last night two sons (and an assistant) 
were there with their Mom 
who was living at an Alzheimer facility nearby. 
She was all dressed up, 
knew every word to every song
 and danced her heart out. 
It was incredibly joyous! 
Miracles can happen through art. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


There is surprisingly very little information out there about 
art projects for Alzheimer patients.
In the few sources I have found,
collaging is mentioned as an activity that they enjoy. 
We cut small holiday related pictures and words 
out of magazines and old holiday cards,
and had them pick their favorites to glue on heavy paper. 

Pat clearly loves little kids! 

We punched a hole in the top and added a ribbon 
so they could hang them on their door knobs. 
Evelyn told me she already decorated her room.
Then wrote,"smell the pine" on her card. 

Must have fun! 
Love that. 

Now this gal has her priorities straight! 

As you can imagine, 
the holidays are a very difficult time for these patients and their families. 
This may not do much to alleviate that 
but they all seemed to enjoy the project. 

I send many warm thoughts and prayers to 
everyone out there who may be dealing with this 
devastating disease.