Thursday, November 17, 2011

The "Right" Projects

The patients who come to the "art class" 
are at all different stages of Alzheimer's.
It's difficult to come up with projects that are suitable for everyone. 
The "stained glass" project was very popular a few weeks ago, 
so we thought we'd try it again. 

Joe gets very upset when he "accidentally" goes out of the lines. 
He got so frustrated he stopped working. 
(He has little to no motor control in his hands.) 
This is not a good project for him. 

Barbara, on the other hand, was perfectly happy doing this, 
once she got started. 
She "gets stuck" remembering what color she is using,
but enjoys putting it on the paper.  

 Ronald started this in the lower right  
then stopped and said he's rather paint the American Flag 
on the wall in front of him. 
Now that's creative! 
I love this! 

This is from Jeanne. 
The sweet woman who comes in on her own, all dressed up. 
She drew this and colored it in herself. 
She told me she was thinking about church. 

I just love this. 
It took a whole lot of effort for Mary Lou to do this.
She was SO pleased with it at the end, 
it was all worth it!  

No matter the results, the gathering together to create something, 
is what is important here.  

Please feel free to send along any ideas you may have 
for simple projects that you think may work! 
I'm all ears! 
e-mail me at:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to Basics

I introduced one of my favorite projects today.
I brought in postcards (show announcements from galleries) 
with images of landscape paintings for them to copy. 

I pencilled in the shapes for Frances,
then she took off. 

Ruth came in all upset and told me she couldn't stay 
because she was going to the movies. 
With a little prodding, she settled down and did this! 

Alice told me she couldn't paint because she wasn't any good at it. 
I think she's got that wrong! 

Doris spent the whole hour on this, 
and it was a struggle for her. 

"What you are giving them is such a gift: 
respite from such a confining and frustrating disease."

I received that from a friend who has discovered this blog. 
It reminds me why I do this!