Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just "Coloring In"

Up until now, I've been trying to avoid projects that are "just coloring in".
I was taught in college that it stifles creativity 
because "there is no thinking required."

I'm coming to the realization that "coloring in"
may just offer the comfort zone these folks meed! 
Today, I printed coloring pages of "leaves"
and brought in some pressed leaves 
from my yard for them to reference.  

It was the first time since I've started this journey,
that I felt like every patient, no matter what stage they are in, 
got engaged and seemed happy.

Marion complained the whole time,
as she managed to paint this
beautiful watercolor version! 

Eleanor clearly likes this color!
And was so happy doing this.

Jean is the highly functional gal who comes in on her own,
all dressed up and just works quietly the whole time.
She told me that Fall reminds her of Niagara Falls.

Millie can barely see, let alone hold a brush.
And blue is her favorite color.

Frances got so bored with the "coloring in"
that she drew her own! 

I call Ruth "speedy"because she blows through whatever I give her in minutes. 
Then she waits for a challenge. 
I drew these pumpkins for her and told her to draw in the face.
Funny thing is:
That pumpkin looks just like her!
Other news: I'm going to an event in Boston next week put on by 
where I hope to meet some folks with Artz for Alzheimers.
Some art work by patients will be featured. 
I'll keep you posted!