Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seven Myths of Alzheimer's

This week the residents were upbeat and happy 
and it didn't take long before they were engaged. 
We put out simple vases filled with colorful flowers 
and just let them go.  
New to class, this man told me he was color blind
so he couldn't paint.   

He worked on this the whole time very quietly,
 then said "I was trying to paint the sun, 
but couldn't get it bright enough,
so I made everything around it darker"! 

(We had a good laugh when he said
"it looks like a banana!")  

Last week she slept, 
this week she did this!

By finally letting them "go" 
they are finally letting go!  
Who knew? 
Patterns. Circles. Lips?

The creative juices are flowing now!
I no longer try to "guide" them toward anything 
and they seem more comfortable with the idea of 
just putting paint on the paper 
(for no other reason than it's fun!) 

The paintings below say it all!  
purple vase, bright flowers 


blue vase

This artist said,
 "oh hell. I have no idea what I'm doing
 but that was fun! " 

 We put out black markers for those that like to draw

I just love this.
The artist agonized over it,
smiling the whole time. 

Learning as I go.... an incredible journey. 

Seven Myths About People with Alzheimer's Disease
They can't remember anything
They have lost their identity
They have no attention span
They can't make decisions
They always have an aggressive phase
They can't enjoy anything because they forget
They can't learn