Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Progress

I was so buoyed by the work the group did last session,
 we set up some forsythia and fruit
and hoped they would just let go. 
Not so much. 
Everyone was very sleepy (it was very hot in there!)  
so it was hard to get them going. 

These two were sitting next to each other, 
so one was copying every move the other one  made. 

Pat really enjoys playing with the paint 
and works so hard.
"The forsythia is using the apple as 
a vase." 

It took a lot for this to happen. 
In between naps. 

And then there is this! 

Weirdly, when I changed the name of this blog from 
Patience with Patients
Connecting with Paint
I somehow lost all the subscribers! 
Please e-mail the link to THIS blog to anyone 
you know who may be interested in following!  

Thank you! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


At my very informative meeting with Dr. Zeisel a few weeks ago,
he suggested that I start encouraging the class members 
to work more independently. 
He thought that by "drawing shapes for them to color in" 
was preventing them from expressing themselves freely. 

So today I brought in some colorful flower arrangements
for them to look at and told them to
just put down on the paper whatever came to them. 
That would have terrified them a few months ago, 
but today, they completely surprised me 
and the work they did was amazing! 

This was done by a woman who has never uses 
more than one color when she paints. 

Pat was a little confused at first and 
asked me repeatedly what she was supposed to.
I told her to just let the paint tell her what to do.  

Barbara's interpretation of the flowers 
"but in a garden".   

Rita asked for a marker so she could draw in the vase, 
then painted this completely by herself! 

Another independently created piece.  

These are incredibly sophisticated pieces of work and 
so much more expressive than I ever imagined they could be.  
I am thrilled about this "break through", 
and I thank Dr. Zeisel for encouraging me to 
 trust the process 
and let the paint do the talking. 

Speaking of breakthrough's: 
There is man named Peter who lives on the floor, 
who often walks though the dining room during class,
but never joins in or talks to anyone. 
The assistants tell me that he never sits down, 
rarely eats, and shows no emotion. 
(Only cries when listening to patriot music.) 
Today he stopped at the counter where there was 
paint set up with blank paper 
and did this! 

He quickly put the brush down and walked out,
but the fact that he actually painted amazed everyone.