Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Progress

I was so buoyed by the work the group did last session,
 we set up some forsythia and fruit
and hoped they would just let go. 
Not so much. 
Everyone was very sleepy (it was very hot in there!)  
so it was hard to get them going. 

These two were sitting next to each other, 
so one was copying every move the other one  made. 

Pat really enjoys playing with the paint 
and works so hard.
"The forsythia is using the apple as 
a vase." 

It took a lot for this to happen. 
In between naps. 

And then there is this! 

Weirdly, when I changed the name of this blog from 
Patience with Patients
Connecting with Paint
I somehow lost all the subscribers! 
Please e-mail the link to THIS blog to anyone 
you know who may be interested in following!  

Thank you! 

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