Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interpreting Fine Art vs. "Coloring In"

My good friend
and amazing artist 
 produced a small calendar last year 
with images of her work on each page. 
Her paintings are very soothing, quiet landscapes and seascapes
with soft colors and subtle value changes. 
I thought the patients would respond well to them, so    
I gave each of them an image to "copy".
A much bigger challenge than just coloring in the lines
of objects that I've given them before.
This "regular" got right to work
and was delighted!  

They all struggled with this at first, but as usual,
once they got going
the results were amazing!

This woman worked very hard on this.
What a wonderful interpretation! 
Again, another valiant attempt! 
We had a smaller (and much quieter) group today 
so this project was just perfect. 
(Two of the gals were so relaxed they fell asleep!)

If anyone who reads this blog has any ideas for projects,
I'm all ears.
I'll try anything!  

PS. I asked Ann for permission to use her images ahead of time.
Always a good idea. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Discovery!

I've been trying to avoid giving the patients coloring pages to just "fill in". 
I wanted the projects to be more creative for them. 
I thought it would stifle any individuality they may have and 
was afraid they would think it was childish.  
Although, a few visits ago, I noticed that they truly enjoy coloring in 
(and staying in the lines!)
 I'd purchased some new 16 color paint sets for them 
so today I copied butterfly images on to watercolor paper 
and gave each of them a butterfly sticker to copy.  
The stickers weren't very useful in the end,
 but it gave them a much needed reference.  

We had a big group today and it was rather chaotic when I first walked in.
Even the normally upbeat patients were negative and confused.
Once they got to work though, there was a complete shift in the atmosphere. 
They were content!  

And I was worried that they would all look the same! 
They were all so pleased with their results!   

This "new girl" refused to participate at first, 
but then got right into this. 
She was beaming on the way out.  
 Another one that preferred to "just watch" 
but once I put the paint on the brush for her ,
she was off and running! 
(That purse doesn't leave her lap. Ever) 

Bottom line: 
I think I'm getting somewhere!