Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year - New Ideas

To shake things up a little for the New Year, 
I asked my friend and fellow artist Sally Dean if she would 
do a "demo" for the patients today.
She also gives art classes to Alzheimer patients 
at the Duxbury Art Complex where she works,
so we compare notes a a lot.
She was amazing! 

 She brought in a "work in progress" to show them how she
just paints what comes into her head. 

 She drew a quick drawing with chalk on a black toned board.
Then talked to the group as she worked. 
One woman had on a sweater with woman golfers on it so she put one in! 

Everyone said their favorite animal was a dog so she put one in. 

 The orchid in the window sill was added as soon as
we learned that it was Bill's favorite flower. 
And one patient suggested that there should be a light on in the house!
Note: the golfing woman has on pink, yellow, and turquoise shoes.
Just like Jean had on! 

It was wonderful on so many levels. 
The patients (that were awake) were engaged and very happy! 
More of this to come! 
Thank you so much Sally!