Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dr. John Zeisel

I was honored to have a meeting with 
Dr. John Zeisel the author of 
I'm Still Here

An innovator in non pharmacologic approaches to treating Alzheimer's,
he proves that people with the illness are highly creative and emotionally intelligent.

We are collaborating on a possible exhibit 
of some of the work done in my painting classes. 
I am incredibly excited about working with him and will
keep you posted as we move forward. 
In the mean time,
here is a very informative  4 minute trailer 
of a show he just did for PBS. 

Simple Egg Shapes

The "regulars" were already sitting 
at the tables when I got there today.
Given the sudden change of season and the full moon, 
I'd just traced a simple egg shape on paper to get them started. 

I had some pre-drawn patterns ready to go 
for those who need a little guidance. 

Arlene wanted nothing to do with this 
but managed to get paint on the paper! 

This woman lives on a different floor 
and doesn't have dementia.

After she did her "madras" egg
she did this sweet still life from her head. 
Barbara wasn't her usual perky self today 
but still did her creative "thing".
She lit up when I told her they looked

My favorite thing is when they take a blank paper and just 
paint whatever comes to them. 

Rita wanted to throw this away and I pleaded with her 
not too! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laundry on a Line

Everyone loves paintings of laundry 
hanging on a line.
My dear friend and assistant, Judith Schroeter
came up with the idea and we showed them images of
some wonderful laundry paintings she had done.
They were delighted with the subject and dug right in.

For some, we drew in some shapes for them to fill in.  

Barbara really enjoyed this, as you can see!  

Rita didn't feel very well
and was upset about the paint going outside the lines. 
I told it was the wind blowing the clothes around. 

This woman did this all by herself, smiling the whole time. 

If they finish early, we like to give them 
blank paper to do whatever they want. 
Rita, who was feeling better by then,
did this amazing little painting out of her head. 
A garden, rain, the beach and an ocean. 

That is the kind of work that makes me 
know that what we are doing, 
is doing some good!