Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to Basics

I introduced one of my favorite projects today.
I brought in postcards (show announcements from galleries) 
with images of landscape paintings for them to copy. 

I pencilled in the shapes for Frances,
then she took off. 

Ruth came in all upset and told me she couldn't stay 
because she was going to the movies. 
With a little prodding, she settled down and did this! 

Alice told me she couldn't paint because she wasn't any good at it. 
I think she's got that wrong! 

Doris spent the whole hour on this, 
and it was a struggle for her. 

"What you are giving them is such a gift: 
respite from such a confining and frustrating disease."

I received that from a friend who has discovered this blog. 
It reminds me why I do this!  


  1. How fortunate these students have you as their instructor! Their paintings have a loose, abstract look that is very nice!

  2. Nancy- I have missed a few of your posts here and really enjoyed visiting and so appreciate your time with this project. I can just tell how much it means to you and also to them. Wonderful job and just love all the creative pieces that are coming through.

  3. They most certainly are fortunate to have you there and giving them a little respite. They do great work and are having a good time. My SIL is there now and I watch her fail daily. She does sing in a group there which she loves.

  4. You are such an amazing person to be working with all these talented artists(patients). I know they love and appreciate all you do with them.