Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy To Be Back!

I have been traveling a lot this month 
so I haven't seen my Alz Gals in three weeks! 
I arrived around 1:30 pm today (right after lunch) 
so most of them were nodding off in the TV room. 
As soon as they saw me, they just lit up!

Sticking with simple subject matter (flowers) 
with images for them to look at,   
they were happy and got busy right away.
 The aids, and my wonderful assistant Judith, offered 
to draw outlines for them to color in.

This woman is a stickler for staying in the lines.
And she insists on mixing her own colors. 

 There are a pair of sisters in the group. 
They do everything together. 
The older one showed up today without the other one, 
and wouldn't start painting. 
One of the aids, a wonderful young man from Kenya,  
clued me in that she was waiting for her sister.  
His gentleness and devotion to these two woman was amazing. 
He sat with the two of them the whole time 
and coaxed them to do this beautiful work!  
The Older Sister

The Younger Sister 

This was done by the sisters' girl friend,
(I think she wishes she was a sister) 

This lovely woman told me there was no white paint,
 so she didn't put them in!

I'm so happy to be back.   


  1. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing, Nancy. My SIL is having Alzheimer's issues and they have now reserved a space at Linden Pnds.

  2. Nancy- I admire what you do each post and visit. I am caring for my own Mom with alzheimers and mother in law with dementia...Yes, just spending the time is what it is all about:) Thanks on behalf of those family members that don't know how to thank you.

  3. Thank you Kathy for your comments. I realize that part of the reason I can do this is that they are NOT my family members.(My Dad had a devastating stroke at 82 and we had to "let him go". My Mom, also 82 at the time, got very disoriented and depressed and passed away less than a year later!) I am learning how painful Alzheimer's and dementia can be for loved ones, which makes what I do, that much more gratifying! Hang in there. You are becoming a better person for going through this.

  4. Nancy, I truly admire what you are doing! Such a giving and loving thing to do, teaching art to Alzheimer patients. You are an inspiration! What a difference you are making! Thank you for sharing your experiences.