Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Collages

"Collages" come up often in the many articles I read,
as valuable projects for Alzheimer patients. 
So today, we cut out small "holiday related" images and words 
from food and living magazines.
 Judith brought in some wonderful green tree shapes, lace, red balls,  
sheets of music, and paper that looked like packages!  

We gave each of them white paper, a glue stick and a box of "stuff".
As always, it was tough going at first.
"Why are we doing this?" "What is this supposed to be?"

Once they got started though, we had a great time 
talking about "everything holiday!"

This gal discovered the red and green markers I had on the table 
and enjoyed outlining her trees.
(The cat showed up at at the last minute) 

Peggi happily did three of these 
and told us this was her favorite because of the heart. 
Ron, reluctant about doing anything "artistic" at first,
gets right into it now.
It helps that his lovely wife comes in and encourages him.
Her enthusiasm rubs off on everyone!
Jane comes every week.
She is in a wheel chair and has very limited motor skills.
She has the sweetest smile and is just so happy to be there.
Various people "helped" her with this while she was sleeping. 

Here are some more great examples of what they came up with! 


The food images were very popular! 

The the most important thing I am learning is that  
it doesn't matter what "activity" they do.
(or if they even "get" it!) 
It's the coming together
and sharing a few moments together that counts. 


  1. Always love this and you are so right- it is the coming together and sharing. Thanks Nancy for all you do!

  2. This is a great idea-did they love it?
    I do!

  3. What wonderful images they came up with. Looks as if everyone had a great time.