Friday, February 10, 2012

Lincoln Celebration

Next week the entire Linden Ponds Community 
is participating in a huge celebration 
honoring Abraham Lincoln.
We were asked to have the Alzheimer patients 
do a painting project with that theme in mind.
Judith came up with images of three important Lincoln family
homes in Hingham

Then,  I did simple "sketches" of them
for them to paint.
Here are just a few.

Mary Lou kept saying she didn't know what she was doing. 

Barbara always just wants to use all the colors. 

I asked Art if he had ever done any painting before, 
and after a long pause he said,
"You're lookin' at it". 

Here is Judith with our display of the patient's work
to be displayed all next week during the Lincoln at Linden Ponds 


  1. I always enjoy visiting here and seeing what everyone is doing. As always, a wonderful project!

  2. This is a great volunteer project. I know you are so very proud of your patients(friends).