Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abstract Simple Florals

For our class today,
we printed a few images of paintings by 
my friend Lisa Daria Kennedy.
Her wonderful simple abstract florals have big shapes
in great colors that the patients loved looking at! 
I drew in some of those shapes for some of them to color in. 
I think we are making progress here.
Most of them come in and get right to work now
and (I think) they are beginning to "let go" a little. 


Mary Lou is the one that comes in protesting 
and ends up doing things like this! 

This gal drew the lines herself.

And these are just few of  the pieces they did. 

As they are getting more comfortable with the materials,
 they are starting to use a lot more color! 

Thank you Lisa for letting us use your images and
as always, my friend and idea person,  Judith! 


  1. These are just wonderful, Nancy...bless you.

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  3. Nancy, this is just so interesting, I like seeing the the paintings outlined and then filled in by others - it's a whole different perspective, it's got me thinking. . . and a big hello to Judith too. . xo, lisa

  4. Nancy, I read your blog with great interest - my Grandmother has Alzheimers and I teach/am a working artist, so I connected with your work on many levels. Thank you Lisa for sending me here!! I am fascinated by this and would love more info about how you got started. Am thinking this would make for a fabulous community project in my town, but am not sure where to begin. Can I be so bold as to ask you to email me? THANK YOU!! Kim