Thursday, May 24, 2012

Abstract Expressionism project

Last week Judith emailed me images of work by Jean Jacques Duval,
a contemporary stained glass designer and abstract expressionist painter.
We both thought his paintings could be inspiring in some way. 

We brought in various colored pieces of construction paper,
and had them tear random shapes, glue them on the paper,
then outline them with black magic marker.
After a slow start and considerable "prodding",
here are some of the wonderful results.

I am blown away by these. 
There is something so free and expressive about them.
They are starting to let go! 

At one point, the staff gave everyone a small cup of strawberry smoothie.
Bob cleverly used his smoothie as glue!
Hey. It works!   


  1. If I was on the staff I think I would want to grab some construction paper, marker and glue/smoothie and join in on the fun!!