Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We thought we needed to change things up a bit today.
With July 4th around the corner, 
we talked about fireworks and showed them some images. 
We gave them black paper and 6 different colors of chalk and off they went!  
They were so enthusiastic and the work shows! 

Ironically, a half hour in to the class, the fire alarm went off!
We had to move all 15 patients down the hall 
to be behind fire doors.
 I was a bit panicked, but the staff was very cool. 
In the hallway the alarm was so loud, no one could speak. 
Many of them just held hands instead! 
I'm amazed. 
(Five minutes later, we all went back to "work" 
with a bit of happy chaos. 
Dessert was served and we all laughed about the 
FIRE alarm going off while we were painting FIRE works.)

Happy Birthday America! 

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