Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stars of the Third Floor!

In conjunction with a holiday exhibition of residents' 
work at Linen Ponds next month,
we had the patients paint stars yesterday.

We traced a star shape on to 7 x 7 squares 
and drew in some random shapes for some of them to fill in. 

Some of them preferred to do a blank one.

Then we cut them out and will be attaching them to a 
green foam core board for the display!
"Stars of the Third Floor!"  

Again, there is such a wide range of abilities within the group,
it's hard to come up with things they all can (and will) do. 
For most, having shapes to color in is more comfortable than 
making something up. 
They all seem to enjoy just sitting quietly and working together.
At one point Mary Lou sang  
"Santa Clause is coming to Town"
to us.  
And she knew every word. 

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  1. These are wonderful, Nancy. I just read an article about the benefits of the arts for Alzheimers patients....