Thursday, June 13, 2013

Everyday objects

My dear friend and assistant Judith 
came up with the idea of having the residents paint  
everyday objects;
toothpaste and brush, scissors, paint brushes, markers, pencils,
colorful spatulas, pliers. etc.
To our great delight,
they got right to work and seemed to love
the subject! 

Since we discovered that
the less we try to guide and control the project,
the more creative they are,
it's so much more fun!

Most of the residents have lost their fear 
No more: "I'm not an artist!" "Why are we doing this".
Instead, they just smile and get to work. 
Enjoy the following! 

I am always touched by how caring and encouraging 
 residents are with each other. 
The conversations they have with each other are priceless. 
(That would be a blog all on it's own! )
Thanks for following.

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