Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Twist

There was an Open House at Renaissance Garden today 
for the independent residents who may be moving there soon. 
The room we usually meet in was used for the reception, 
so I did a demo on the third floor. 
Where the patients live. 
I tried to pare down my gear 
so I wouldn't take up too much room. 
I was out of my comfort zone, to be sure. 

I quickly did my map before they got there to save time.
 I had one hour for the whole "program"!

The set -up with 
2:00 pm sun moving VERY fast
What was I thinking? 

 For some reason, I first painted the background a dull light yellow.
There was no drama at all and it drowned out the daisies!
I quickly tried to cover it with dark purple.
I had used so much paint, it was a mess trying to cover.
I think I can fix this and bring it to them next time. 
I really need to practice talking and painting at the same time. 
I had most of them engaged with me the whole time.
A few slept. 

Note: The cool women who run the programs have framed 
some of the work done by the patients.
It's hung in the Garden Room and the patients can't believe it. 

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