Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last week I brought in these images 
of abstract impressionist paintings by Irma Cerese. 

I talked about the way she uses color and big shapes 
and that she doesn't concern herself with portraying an actual subject. 

 The patients were a bit agitated when I first got there,
but then settled right down to work. 
 We drew in some of the big shapes for them 
and encouraged them to "blend" some colors. 
Josephine just let's herself go and plays with the paint! 

Sweet Eleanor works very hard at staying in those lines! 
Mary Lou told us that she was going to stand in that window 
and slide down that shoot and land under the tree. 
Here are some more: 

All in all, the patients are becoming more comfortable 
with the idea of putting the paint on the paper. 
I think they enjoy looking at the images we bring in
and I feel good that they are seeing "real art"! 


  1. Nancy, you are doing such an amazing job with these dear people. You are a saint and a good teacher.

  2. Love seeing these. Know that the happiness and thought provoking creativity is sooooo good for you and them!! Thanks for taking the time and doing this. You are good:)

  3. Nancy, I have to share this with you. My Dad's cousin Ed used to teach art, and when he retired he became a docent at the Detroit Institute of Arts, then he got Alzheimers. But he never stopped drawing and painting, even in the residential care facility. It was the only thing that made him smile.

  4. Oh man! That is why I do what I do! To hear those stories. I just know that "we artists" are the lucky ones. Because we have learned to see the world in a magical way. So to give that gift to anyone, at any age, is so important! And so fun! Thank you for sharing that with me.