Friday, December 21, 2012

An Amazing Sighting!

My husband and I like to go to a local restaurant,
PJ's Country House  
on Thursday nights to hear 
Wilson and John Brown -The Brother's Duo. 
They are such great guys and it can be so much fun. 
Very audience interactive. Average age: 73 
Last night two sons (and an assistant) 
were there with their Mom 
who was living at an Alzheimer facility nearby. 
She was all dressed up, 
knew every word to every song
 and danced her heart out. 
It was incredibly joyous! 
Miracles can happen through art. 


  1. Love it ! That is so nice to hear as I just got back from visiting a friend with Alzheimer's who is not doing that great at the moment but does have the joy of the Lord in her heart. Miracles can happen through art. Keep at it you are doing such a wonderful thing for all these patients. I love looking at their art work. :-D

  2. So wonderful! My mother had Alzheimer's. She loved going to see art exhibits, and having music in the assisted living facility she was in. Thank you for sharing this. Love her red hat. My mom wore a red hat for a long time.