Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jim Dine Hearts

For our long overdue visit this week,  
I googled Jim Dine's famous heart paintings 
and found this image on
art projects for kids 
Watercolor over crayon!

 I traced a heart in pencil in the center of
9 x 9 watercolor paper,
then gave each of them a dark crayon to
 cover the pencil line by "scribbling".
The idea was to then use different colored crayons
to fill in the shape and a watercolor wash to add "texture".

Here's what happened.
She'd lightly crayoned the inside of the heart with soft warm pastel colors.  
Then washed on the blue paint! 

OK. I helped Barbara with most of this. 
I finally got her to cover the green crayon with paint on the upper right,
(and was thrilled when I put her name on it.)  
Love this one! 

This was her second one. 
I told her to just "let go and get crazy! "

Winston worked very quietly and diligently on this the whole session. 

I have come to the realization that
we will never know how or why
painting may affect these patients.
The thing I DO know is,
something magical happens when they put a paint brush in their hand!

While researching this topic I found this 
wonderful you tube video of heart paintings.

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