Thursday, February 7, 2013


Judith took this image of a piece of art 
she saw at the South Shore Art Center last summer. 

We thought this would be another great "group project" for our group.
I wasn't sure how they would react, and was pleasantly surprised.
I gave them pink paper to put under the watercolor paper,
so they could "go beyond the border". 

We told them to cover the whole paper
with bands of different colors. 

This woman was upset about that "drip".
I told her it looked like the sun in a sunset. 

This woman is an artist and loved playing with the paint. 
She just couldn't stay with stripe idea. 

Many of them just started putting stripes of color on the pink paper
so we just let it go. 

The woman who is an artist did this with just one color!

Here are some of the pieces put together to make a 
"blanket of stripes"! 

Again, I am finding that they are happiest when putting paint on paper. 
It really doesn't matter 
what it is that they are painting. 

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