Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Found a Winner!

I'd been struggling to come up with a project for class today, 
when I got an e-mail from Judy, the wonderful woman who assists me.
She suggested we have the class draw random lines on the paper,
then fill in the resulting shapes with different colors. 
This is the sample she did. 
This project was a real winner! 
Every one could do some version of it
and it allowed them to express something! 
I'm thrilled to show you these results.

This woman always shows up early, all dressed up,
(even color co-ordinated!)
She is so enthusiastic and enjoys every minute.
This project was right up her ally!
(she drew her own lines)
A new student, rather worried at first.
An Aid drew those lines for her, then she did the rest!

Another "newbie" who drew this all on her own!
Then colored it in.
She told me it was a birthday party.  
Ann, in a wheel chair, is a regular and clearly loves coming to this class.
She worked on this the whole hour .
So what that she didn't "follow the rules!"
I love this!
This is from Joe, also in a wheelchair and very impaired.
He worked really hard at this,
 but Bill across the table kept badgering him.
Bill, who refused to do anything,  "used to be an art teacher"
and kept telling him he wasn't "following the rules!"  

As the class was unraveling
 (which happens almost always within one hour)
I saw these two new pieces!
and was stunned!
 The best thing about this project
is how "freeing" it is! 
For everyone!   

*"I keep forgetting how limited we are in this endeavor, 
given the varying degrees of mental and physical 
compromises we are dealing with! 
We're just providing them with a much needed creative outlet. 
A place for them to get "lost" in the "making" of something. 
That's all."
*(My email back to Judith)


  1. I love what you do with these patients. A much needed activity. My husband's sister and her husband will be moving to Linden Ponds next month and she will eventually be in the Alzheimer's unit. Whether she takes advantage of the art class, not sure. She does have a beautiful singing voice.

  2. You are doing such wonderful things with these patients. I really admire you and think you are a grand artist.

  3. Nancy,
    I can tell that your patients really enjoyed this exercise. Thanks for all the great ideas and encouragement that you've given me. Wish me luck on Saturday with my group. I am looking forward to being with them again.